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SOF Olympiad Exam 2023 Eligibility Criteria, Registration & Study Material

April 06, 2023
SOF Olympiad

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) is a non-profit educational organization that promotes academic competition and fosters a culture of competitiveness in school children. The primary goal of the SOF Olympiad Exams is to increase interest in knowledge areas like Science, Maths, Computer Education, English, Social Studies, General Knowledge, and many more.

Through creative activities and the integration of IT into the learning process, it also fosters a scientific attitude and personality, building a future in which the youth of today will serve as the leaders of tomorrow.

SOF organizes a variety of olympiads for kids in grades 1 to 12. There are, however, a few olympiads that are not intended for students in grades 11 and 12.

ALLEN IntelliBrain Offers IHS Online Olympiad Classes for Kids of Grades 1 to 5, where kids can get better prepared for various National & International Olympiads.

Exams Conducted by SOF

The following are some of the exams conducted by SOF:

National Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organizes the National Science Olympiad or NSO. The Foundation uses competitions and olympiads to foster intellectual growth in students with the goal of encouraging them to adopt a scientific mindset. The primary objective of the Science Olympiad is to evaluate students' scientific knowledge as well as their analytical, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities.

There are a total of 35 questions for 40 marks for grades 1 to 4 and  50 questions for 60 marks for grades 5 to 12.

National Cyber Olympiad

The National Cyber Olympiad, or NCO, is a national-level competition conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation. It evaluates students' logical reasoning, computer knowledge, and cyber abilities.

The National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) was created in 2004 in response to the global drive to concentrate on cybersecurity education and the rising need for such training. Lack of awareness of sensitive issues related to information technology and its illegal use is a major barrier to information security and the information society. It provides all students in the nation with a fantastic opportunity to take part in this important event through research, training, and testing.

There are a total of 35 questions for 40 marks for grades 1 to 4 and 50 questions for 60 marks for grades 5 to 10.

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International Mathematics Olympiad

The International Mathematics Olympiad or IMO is a global-level competition conducted by theScience Olympiad Foundation. The major goal of SOF IMO is to evaluate students' mathematical aptitude and knowledge. Additionally, it provides students with a fantastic platform to evaluate their own mastery of the topic and their aptitude for handling various sorts of numbers at the school, local, zonal, as well at a worldwide levels.

The International Maths Olympiad not only gives pupils a self-evaluation tool but also a variety of honors and scholarships to the top performers.

There are a total of 35 questions for 40 marks for grades 1 to 4 and 50 questions for 60 marks for grades 5 to 12.

International English Olympiad

The International English Olympiad, or IEO, is a global-level competition conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation. The key objective of SOF IEO is to assess students' English language competency and to challenge them on a Zonal, national, and international level.

It assesses the student's language skills, which comprise (LSRW) Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.  It also calls for the creation by the students of things of interest or displays of concepts pertaining to linguistics subjects like spelling, grammar, pronunciation, art, drama, etc.

There are a total of 35 questions for 40 marks for grades 1 to 4 and  50 questions for 60 marks for grades 5 to 12.

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International General Knowledge Olympiad

The International General Knowledge Olympiad, or IGKO, is a global-level competition conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation. The objective of this knowledge-based competition is to evaluate students' general knowledge as a whole and their awareness of current affairs. The IGKO test is given to students in an effort to support their overall academic and personal growth. It also helps them to enhance their knowledge by going beyond the confines of textbooks and course materials.

There are a total of 35 questions for 40 marks for grades 1 to 4 and  50 questions for 60 marks for grades 5 to 12.

Registration of SOF Olympiad 2023

Students can register for any SOF through their respective schools by contacting the person in charge to get the form. Individual student registrations are not accepted.

Note: The SOF Olympiad registration form must be submitted by the schools 15 days prior to the scheduled exam date. It is advised that participants register for the tests as soon as possible to avoid any technical difficulties that may arise due to Roll No., Exam Links, or Mock-Test-related issues, since the adjustments may take some time.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria of SOF Exams?

The Eligibility Criteria for different SOF Olympiad exams are as follows:

Olympiad Name Eligibility Criteria of SOF Exam
National Science Olympiad (NSO) Level 1: Grades 1 to 12
Level 2: Grades 3 to 12
  • Top 5% of students in their class that pass the Level 1 exam.
  • Top 25 rank holders in each zone and class.
National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) Single Level Exam: Grades 1 to 10
International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Level 1: Grades 1 to 12
Level 2: Grades 3 to 12
International English Olympiad (IEO) Level 1: Grades 1 to 12
Level 2: Grades 3 to 12
International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) Single Level Exam: Grades 1 to 10
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What Is the Syllabus of SOF Olympiad Exams?

The SOF Olympiad Exams bases its question paper structure on the CBSE, ICSE, and several state boards' curriculum. For instance, if a student wishes to participate in IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad), they might follow the course for their particular grade to prepare for this test.

Olympiad Study Material

Students are required to use their school textbooks as the primary source of study materials for their various classes because the SOF olympiad exam’s syllabus closely reflects the curricula of the ICSE, CBSE, and a number of state boards.

Once students are familiar with the topics, they may use other specialized SOF Olympiad books to learn logic and other concepts. One such outstanding source of information is the ALLEN IntelliBrain’s Skool Plus Workbooks. It comes in a box for kids in grades 1 to 8, and depending on the grades, each box has a minimum of 7 Books. English, Mathematics, Science, Logical Reasoning, and General Knowledge are among the disciplines covered.

The Skool Plus workbook provides a Condensed & Crisp curriculum that allows kids to properly understand the topic. It also includes a significant number of practice questions based on the most recent Olympiad exam pattern, allowing children to grasp and become comfortable with the exam format.

Reviewing the questions and online exam materials from prior years might also help candidates improve their preparation. This, in turn, helps feel more confident throughout tests. It is crucial to perform well in tests not only to have a strong academic record but also to have a successful future.

Benefits of SOF Olympiad Exam

Some of the benefits of participating in SOF olympiad exams are as follows:

  • It helps in the development of a deeper understanding and clarity of concept.
    SOF Exams do not focus on remembering topics, but rather on getting the concepts accurate and clear in order to instill superior education in students. It believes that only concepts enable kids to deal with a wide range of questions.
  • Improving Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills.
    SOF Exams push students to think in new ways. It requires them to evaluate, plan, implement, and measure the outcomes of any topic. Thus, assisting them in developing a set of skills and improving their aptitude.
  • Improve Academic Performance.
    Due to the fact that these tests sharpen students' levels of thinking and learning and support in their conceptual understanding, students' academic performance is also improved significantly.
  • Develops a strategy and attitude for competing in other events.
    Olympiad exams also help students prepare for future competitive exams by providing them with early exposure and subjective learning opportunities. They'll find it a lot easier in the future because they have already taken these tests.
  • Enhances Reasoning Ability.
    Logical reasoning is one of the key topics covered in all of the olympiad subjects. It gives pupils the opportunity to put their knowledge to work on a wide range of issues, including diagrams, numerical series, alphabetical sequences, and many others.
  • Introduces Additional Sources of Knowledge.
    Preparing for the Olympiads necessitates that students explore a certain topic from several perspectives and reference sources that provide important material and questions from the school curriculum. It gives students an advantage in studying topics presented in class while also encouraging self-learning.
  • Building an impressive academic profile.
    The winners get cash prizes, medals, certificates, and several other recognitions. These not only increase their confidence or sense of success but also greatly help them advance their academic objectives and profile.


SOF provides some phenomenal academic advancement opportunities to kids around the world through their school. Almost every top school in cities is associated with SOF to help kids gain a competitive advantage in these National & International Olympiads.

Although these exams promote competitive skills, however, their main objective is to enhance conceptual learning & make kids better prepared for the practical world.

Hard work, time management skills & focus on solving tricky questions with help of study material & practice papers is the key. Appearing for the subjects with strong interest & great conceptual understanding fuels-up Confidence, Critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in kids. Visit ALLEN IntelliBrain to help your kids get the expert guidance to ace Olympiads with top-notch preparation.