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IntelliBrain is a unit of ALLEN Career Institute Pvt. Ltd. with a Unique collection of programs aiming to increase IQ, Memory Retention & Love for Learning through edutaining offerings in line with National Education Policy 2020.

IntelliBrain Programmes

In our unique IntelliBrain program, child gets the opportunity to fashion experiences that will enhance the nurturing of the brain therefore stimulating their mind and building their character

Let's Make Our Kids


Provide Global Level Learning to kids through our "CRITICAL THINKING SESSIONS”

Create Interest & Inclination of Kids in everyday studies through our “EDUTAINMENT ACTIVITIES”



Develop EQ & SQ (Emotional & Social Quotient) in kids through our "ONE TO ONE ATTENTION & GROUP DISCUSSIONS APPROACH"

Trigger Self Driven Thinking Skills in kids through our "EXPERIMENTAL & EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVITIES”



Induce & Satisfy Curiosity in kids through our “HANDS ON EXPERIMENTS & OBSERVATIONS"

Increase the Receptiveness of our Kids brain through our “BRAIN ACTIVATION & BRAIN RELAXATION EXERCISES"



Enable the kids to learn & apply knowledge beyond books & classrooms through our “REAL LIFE SITUATIONS"

Ensure a deeper understanding & larger memory retention in kids through our "MEMORY RETENTION TECHNIQUES"



Provide Competitive Exposure to kids through our "OLYMPIAD FRIENDLY CURRICULUM"

Create strong & versatile foundation for future learning in Kids through our "INTELLI CURRICULUM, ACTIVITIES & METHODOLOGIES"


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The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, which was approved by the Union Government of India enacts numerous changes/modifications in India's Education System. The policy aims at reducing the burden of studies in kids and to introduce them to experiential & fun way of learning. We at ALLEN IntelliBrain follow the Experimental, Experiential and Edutaining mode of learning as also recommended by NEP 2020.

ALLEN IntelliBrain is the Early Childhood Development Initiative of ALLEN Career Institute Pvt. Ltd., that aims to induce Well Balanced Brain Development and World-Class Learning in the students of classes HKG to 8th, through an innovative methodology of Practical Exercises and hands-on Experimentations.

We at ALLEN IntelliBrain deliver learning through an innovative yet most effective approach of Experimental, Edutaining and Experiential Methodology so as to make our kids skilled with 21st Century skills

We believe delivering knowledge by following a learning methodology that involves hands-on experiments and experience of concepts through an Edutaining approach that activates both the left and right side of the brain, leading to larger retention of knowledge, & better overall development.

We at ALLEN IntelliBrain focus on overall Academics to cover the curriculum as recommended by New Education policy 2020, also make our kids face the competitive world by preparing them for Olympiads such as NSO, IMO, IEO, NSTSE, etc.

If your child is into the age group of 4 - 15 years, this is the right age to train his/her brain, as a kid's brain is very much active till the age of 15 because of the brain's increased Plasticity - the ability to learn more. This is the most effective time of learning to get maximum results even with minimum effort. Hence to get the most of the Intelli Methodology, we recommend yout o try our programs for any kid between 4-15 yrs of age

"We follow the right mix of various methodology to give our kids the proper knowledge of concepts through : Pen - paper learning, Audio - Visual Aids, Practical Exercises, Hands on Experiments and many more to ensure a deeper understanding of concepts & to prepare them for the Real World."

ALLEN IntelliBrain offers a fine mix of Online/offline classes, physical Workbooks for building IQ and DIY STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Activity boxes to inculcate Love for Learning in kids from a young age through Hands-on Experiences.

We conduct multiple live online classes/courses such as Intelli Homeschooling that is a year-long program from April - February and various Live Online Workshops of 6 - 7 weeks duration form time to time. To enroll your kid in any program, get in touch with us at +91 9001099537

Yes we do have multiple short term courses of 6-8 weeks durations. We have Vedic Maths, Sanskrit and Sanskaar and Public Speaking as subjects of Live Online Workshops. For Each workshop, we conduct 6-8 sessions, which takes approx 6-7 weeks.

All the students can join educational courses of ALLEN IntelliBrain. Our curriculums are designed for students according to their age group and classes irrespective of what they have learned so far or which board curriculum htey have followed in past.

"The Intelli trainers are Childhood Development and Pedagogy Experts of ALLEN who train kids to - Boost their IQ, Develop Scientific Reasoning, Critical thinking skills & ultimately develop Love for Learning in them."