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About AECD

What is AECD ?

ALLEN’s Early Childhood Development is a module which aims to induce a Well Balanced Brain Development and a World-Class Learning in the students through an advanced curriculum which not only covers the topics under the Indian Standards but also the ones which are taught to Class 8 students at the Global Level. The sessions are delivered through an innovative methodology of Practical Exercises and hands on Experimentations. " AECD's IntelliBrain Programmes offer Unique Edutainment Programmes for Kids of Classes HKG to 8th. "

Need of


  • Develop Love for Learning in Kids.
  • Provide a global level learning to Kids.
  • Create interest and inclination of Kids in everyday studies.
  • Make the studies interesting and enjoyable for the Kids.
  • Enable the Kids to apply knowledge in real life situations.
  • Provide competitive exposure to Kids in an appropriate way.
  • Ensure a deeper understanding & larger memory retention of the learnt topics.
  • Make the Kids a life long learners by increasing the receptiveness of brain.
  • Build right foundation of studies through right methods at the right time.



  • Well balanced brain development
  • Well informed & well formed mind
  • Creates Interest in Learning & Studies
  • Global Level Learning & Competitive Exposure
  • Greater depth and breadth of subject knowledge
  • Strong and versatile foundation for future learning
  • Ability to understand, show and use how different aspects of knowledge link together
  • Higher order thinking skills within subject disciplines like problem solving, critical thinking, independent research, collaboration, presenting arguments
  • Adaptability and ease towards school exams and competitive Olympiads like NSO, IMO, NSTSE, ASSET, Cambridge PYP Check Point Exams, John Hopkins SCAT etc.

Mission of AECD

in Kids as
We Strongly Believe,

It is easier to Build Stronger Children
than to Repair Broken Men