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HOD Speaks

Chandni Head of Department
ALLEN's Early Childhood Division Childhood Development Expert Certified Cambridge Trainer

Make our kids the best in whatever they can be in their life.

As parents, we always want to provide the best of everything to our children – the best school, the best books, the best equipment! However, do these things really succeed in bringing out the best in our children? Why do children lack productivity despite being busy throughout the day? Why do children lack crucial skills despite being top academic scorers? Why are big degrees not able to bridge the gap between profession and passion? Why don’t our children turn out to be the best despite our best efforts? What are we missing?

The answer is quite simple: Children don’t need the best; they need what’s best for them. They need to be taught the right thing, at the right time, in the right way. ALLEN IntelliBrain Childhood Development Experts understand this and after in-depth scientific research, have come up with unique learning solutions to fulfil every child’s unique educational needs.

At ALLEN IntelliBrain, we strive to help children gain an education which does not just fill their minds with facts but sparks their curiosity, seizes their interest, challenges their understanding, sharpens their memory and brings out their innermost potential. We harness the inherent originality and creativity of children to stimulate their brains by involving them in a truly experiential, experimental and edutaining learning process. We focus on honing the IQ, EQ, SQ, LQ and crucial skills of children and recognise that academic success will inevitably follow. We believe in teaching children not what to think but how to think and thereby set them off on a path of life-long learning.

We heartily welcome you to ALLEN Intelli World where our Experts can assist your children to become the very best versions of themselves!