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Director's Vision

Directors IntelliBrain

When you pay attention to the beginning of the story, you can change the whole story

Sitting (L to R): Govind Maheshwari (Director), Rajesh Maheshwari (Director)

Standing (L to R): Naveen Maheshwari (Director), Brajesh Maheshwari (Director)

Dear Parent

“If children grew up according to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses”

The early years (0 to 11 years) are the most extraordinary period of growth and development in a child’s lifetime. Brain builds in this period.

In the brain-building process, neural connections are shaped by life experiences – namely good nutrition, protection and stimulation from words, play and responsive attention from parent and teachers. Hence this is the right age of training the brain therefore the foundations of all learning are laid during these years. Getting the foundations right carries huge future benefits like better learning in school and higher educational attainment with better life quality, which results in major social and economic gains for society.

We at ALLEN aim to serve the society by training the brain of the future holders at right time in their early childhood and in right way with unique edutainment methodology.

We wish you a very rewarding and blissful experience at ALLEN !